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since April 2000

Ki Lun Shan (麒麟山), Tai Lo Tian (大羅天), Kai Kung Leng(雞公嶺)

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: 23 March 2008

NT North

Trip Description

This route consists of Ki Lun Shan (麒麟山), Tai Lo Tian (大羅天), Kai Kung Leng(雞公嶺) in northern part fo New Terrritories. The route is not dangerous at all, but it will definitely take you some energy. In Tai Lo Tian area, you will found some relic of trench constructions left by British army. In Kai Kung Leng area, you will find a mountain bikers and paragliders.

Location 1: Altitude 60M

The entrance of is not too obvious, it lies behind some tombs. The mountain behind the tower is Ki Lun Shan (麒麟山).

Location 2: Altitude 222M

These three guys are now on the top of Ki Lun Shan (麒麟山), the nearer mountain is called Dai Lo Tian whose name is typically not indicated on map.

Location 3: Altitude 135M

An abandoned hut which was probably used as guard post half a century ago.

Location 4: Altitude 245M

This is little Tai Lo Tian (大羅天) which is also called 小羅天.

Location 5: Altitude 325M

We found another trench construction. There is a nearby small mountain which nourish some beautiful trees.

Location 6: Altitude 337M

This is the top of Tai Lo Tian (大羅天).

Location 7: Altitude 550M

There are a number of paragliders flying around Kai Kung Leng(雞公嶺).

Location 8: Altitude 430M

We are now scaling down the southern slope of Kai Kung Leng to get back to Fan Kam Road. The slope is rather steep. Take care of your knees.