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since April 2000

Jiu Jing Shan (九徑山)


Last Visit: 29 Jan 2012

NT West

Trip Description

This is an easily accessible route, very close to major public transportations. The major feature of this route is a long long steps, called Sky Ladder (天梯). We went there on chilly day. The first part is a regular morning walk trail. There is a faint hiking path at the pavilion in Location 1. Real hiking starts from there.

Location 1: Altitude 175M

After overcoming a long flight of stairs along the morning walk, we arrived a pavilion for a short rest. Follow the faint footpath just opposite to the pavilion.

Location 2: Altitude 175M

Scaling up in a forest.

Location 3: Altitude 220M

The forest "opens" up, tall trees are replaced by bushes.

Location 4: Altitude 275M

The stair case in the background is the Sky Ladder (天梯).

Location 5: Altitude 515M

We finally arrived at the top of the Sky Ladder (天梯). There is an abandoned observation post. We can hide inside in case it rains.
Not far away from the Sky Ladder is a helicopter landing site. This site should be quite new because it is not marked on the countryside map (at the time of composing this article).

Location 6: Altitude 470M

There are quite a number of routes leaving the mountain. Please make sure you know where you are heading to.

Location 7: Altitude 165M

Took a group photos before we get back to the major catchwater for exit.