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since April 2000

Hung Shui Hung to Jiu Jing Shan (洪水坑 上 九徑山)


Last Visit: 2 Apr 2017

NT West

Trip Description

This route is quite interesting. It has steep "cliff", big funny rocks, great views and sandy slopes. It is quite challenging for hiking beginners. For some others, it is a fun trip. There is almost no shelter along the way, the fierce Sun can be very punishing in hot summer time.

Location 1: Altitude 80M

This is Hung Shui Hang Irrigation Reservoir (洪水坑灌溉水塘). We start here today.

Location 2: Altitude 10M

We follow the concrete path on the right of the reservoir. Very soon, we found a muddy uphill hiking path like this one. This is the entrance.

Location 3: Altitude 220M

We can see a rope ladder hanging down on a cliff not too far ahead. It looks pretty challenging and steep. Is that ladder reliable at all? Can we bypass it somehow?

Location 4: Altitude 250M

At the closer look, the cliff is steep but not vertical. The rock surface is rough and is providing strong friction. We can pretty much walk up the cliff without using the ladder. The rope is quite strong anyway.

Apparently there is no easy way to bypass this cliff. It is not that scary after all.

Location 5: Altitude 330M

After descending a sandy slope, we found a wall-like constructions, part of it has collapsed long time ago. That little piece of ruin is the only remain. I kept wondering what would the original construction look like.

Location 6: Altitude 275M

Now we are descending to Tuen Mum (屯門) to conclude the hike.