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since April 2000

Ho Pui (河背) to Tai Tong (大棠)

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: Unkown

NT East

Trip Description

This route is flat and easy to walk yet few people go there due to indirect transportation. We can have a chance to look at Highway Route #3 at a different angle, enjoy a special calmness feeling of valley and visit the famous place, Tai Tong (大棠) by walking through this path.
Take minibus #71 at Yuen Long Tai Hang Street (元朗泰行街). After reaching the terminus at Ho Pui, enter the path left of the minibus. Turn right after reaching the main cement road.

Location 1:

Go straight ahead and you will be gaining altitude. The highway you can see on the right is Highway Route #3. Next time, we will be able to realize and locate back this walking path when you drive through Highway Route #3.

Location 2:

You will then arrive Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (大欖涌水塘). The first bridge you can see is called Wing Kat Bridge (永吉橋). Follow through Maclehose Trail and you will arrive the second bridge, Kat Hing Bridge (吉慶橋). Level of this bridge is too low that, in wet seasons, it's often drowned. According to the introduction signs, this bridge is historically important for daily travels.

Location 3 and 4:

Instead of turning to the Maclehose Trail Section #10, continue to walk along through the cement road. After a while, turn left to sandy road once you see the entrance at the left. After passing through the woodland, you can see the 'fortress like' construction at Pak Kong Au (伯公凹). Don't miss the chance to stop and have some sight seeing there, both at 'fortress top' and 'fortress bottom'.

Location 5:

After then, you will go through a valley, feel the calmness there. The exit will be at Tai Tong Valley (大棠谷). After then, a distinct path with clear indication will lead you to the finish point at Tai Tong Tsuen (大棠村). You will see some waterfalls on the right at the beginning and then pass through an orchard. After going through some villages, you will reach Tai Tong Road, from which you can take a bus back to Yuen Long.