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since April 2000

Hok Tsui Shan (鶴咀山)


Last Visit: 15 May 2016

Hong Kong

Trip Description

This route is very accessible. From A to B, there is no official route on government map. Even so, the hiking path is quite easy to follow. It is very windy if there is easterly wind. At B, you will find a junction. Taking the right turn, you will eventually go to Tai Fung Au (大風凹) (location C) where you can take public transportation. If you go straight from point B, you will reach Hok Tsui Shan (鶴咀山) wireless station which is a restricted area. Getting into restricted area may be subjected to prosectuation.

Location A:

The entrance is quite easy to find. It is on the southern end of the Shek O Beach. The entrance is behind a store which stands opposite to a small temple.
This is the store.
The entrance is behind the store, just follow the creek.

The beautiful Shek O Beach.
One of the key attractions of this route are those huge rocky slopes. They are steep and yet the surfaces are quite rough, the fiction is really strong. It is fun to climb up.
The magificent view deserves all the climbing.
Hey, don't hike too fast, please wait.
Today the visibiliy is super. That's why this guy is totally absorbed in his thought.