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since April 2000

Hoi Pui Leng (海背嶺)


Last Visit: 14 Feb 2016

NT North

Trip Description

This route is easy to locate and is easy to follow. There are many ribbons tied along the route to guide hikers along. It starts from Luk Keng Road to Kwai Tau Ling (龜頭嶺) and Nan Chung Hiking Trail(南涌交遊徑). It is a good path to spend a lazy afternoon.

Location 1: Altitude 10M

This is the route entrance on Luk Keng Road.

Location 2: Altitude 80M

It was still early, haven't warmed up yet. Let's take a break. This is A Chau (鴉洲).

Location 3: Altitude 215M

You can see the path is quite bushy but manageable. An easily recognizable path is laying underneath the bush.

Location 4: Altitude 230M

Taller plants show up in this part of the route. You can expect many spider webs in summer time.

When you get to around 450M, you will find a minor path on your right. This minor path will lead you to the middle of nowhere. Yet, you can still hack your way up to Kwai Tau Ling by brute force. An easier way is to ignore that minor path and follow the major one to get to the Nan Chung Hiking Trail.