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since April 2000


General Hiking Skill

Hiking requires no special skills but suitable training and preparation are necessary for the hikers to cope with the many-fold changes and prevent misfortunes from happening.
The entire sole of your feet should touch the ground.
Leave your both hands free to facilitate body balancing.
Breathing and stepping should come in pace.
Always observe ahead before every step you move and beware of loosen rocks and slippery soil surface.
Keep upper body straight.
Avoid over straddle
Turn your body sideway when descending a slope but never cross your legs to step down.

The Basic Concept

Carefully plan and familiarize yourself with the route before setting out. Escape routes and contingency plans should be arranged in advance.
Always stay with the whole group.
An experienced group leader who is familiar with the route is important to lead a journey. Assistants with experience would also be necessary for a large group. Ideally, an assistant leader should be available for every ten members.
Use only paths that are clearly waymarked and maintained.
Don't deviate from maintained path or make detours, doing so is easy to lose direction or run into danger.
Don't overexert your physical limits. Know your limits and do everything in your competence.
Don't go alone. It is always preferable to hike in a group of four or above.