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since April 2000

Emergency Measures

Emergency Call Numbers in HK
Means to Seek Help in the Wilderness
International Distress Signals

Emergency Call Numbers in HK

Emergency number 999
Emergency number 112 when your mobile phone is too far from the city
Hill Fire control centre Hot Line: 2720 0777 (A 24-hour hill fire hot line in operation during the dry season from October to April)

Means to Seek Help in the Wilderness

Give first aid treatment to the injured.
Send out continuous international distress signal until the arrival of a rescue team.
If possible, at least one member should stay behind to accompany and look after the injured while the other two should go together to seek help.
To avoid delay in rescue, the person who goes to seek help should write down the essential information to reduce the inaccuracy of the distress message delivered by him due to tension and his unclear verbal communication. Essential information to be provided while seeking for help:
1.Nature/cause of accident
2.Time/location of accident
3.Location/Grid reference/the number of the nearest distance post
4.Terrain/special landmarks in the vicinity
5.Personal details of the injured including his name, age, sex, telephone number and address
6.extent of injury
7.First aid given
8.Weather condition
9.Condition of other hiking members
10.Other relevant information which may provide help for rescue team

International Distress Signals

Send out six long blasts within one minute; pause for one minute and repeat the same. Don't stop until the rescue team arrive. (keep on giving out the signals even if the rescue team has discovered you from a far distance so that the rescuers can identify your exact position). Ways of sending signals: 1.Blowing a whistle
2.Reflecting light with a mirror or metal sheet
3.Flashing with your torch light at night
4.Waving colourful, light reflective or shiny clothes to attract attention
SOS Distress Signal, if possible, use stones or tree branches to form the characters of SOS (Save Our Soul) on a flat and open space.