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since April 2000

Ma Tsz Keng and Golden Hill(孖指俓 及 金山)


Last Visit: 21st Apr 2019

NT Middle

Trip Description

This route is very close to the city centre and is easily accessible by public transport. We started from Kowloon Reservoir. Ribbons and signs are sufficient. We have to go through some forest in this trip, some parts are a little bit bushy. Do expect a lot of spider web if you visit this route in summer time. One of the highlight of this trip to find the World War II relic used for defending HK against Japanese invasion.

Location 1: Altitude 197M

We followed the major hiking path up this point from which we took the narrow muddy trail behind Simon (the guy in green).

The hike would then become more bushy but easily recognizable.

Location 2: Altitude 294M

We took small break here beneath a power transmission tower.

Location 3: Altitude 293M

This is an entrance of a tunnel. It is about 30M long. The condition is pretty accessible. The other side of the tunnel is probably a artillery battery. The construction was part of the defense used by UK in World War II.

Location 4: Altitude 302M

We met the Wilson Trail here.

Location 5: Altitude 305M

A view in Ma Tsz Keng (孖指俓). It is a delightful open ridge. Not many people come here, it is really worth visiting.

Location 6: Altitude 163M

We took a short rest here and we were about to hike up to Golden Hill or the Kam Shan. This climb is very a good cardio exercise.

The uphill route is by large a well maintained hiking path.

Location 7: Altitude 369M

This is the top of Golden Hill. We have good breeze and good view here.

After a short break, we followed the mountain ridge to head south.

Location 8: Altitude 100M

Finally we arrive at a village and call this the end of the journey.