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since April 2000

Fa Peng Teng > Discovery Bay (花瓶頂 至 愉景灣)


Last Visit: 23 Nov 2014


Trip Description

The route covers a few hills, they are Fa Peng Teng, Tai Yam Teng, Tai Shan, Lai Pik Shan and Tai Che Tung. None of them is very tall and yet there is no big mountain nearby, you can enjoy very good panorama view in most section of this hike. You can oversee the airport and the Disney Land as you trek along.
Although this hike is not short, the path is easy to follow, so we can cover it without too much effort and time. There is basically no shelter, it would be punishing in hot summer time.

Location 1: Altitude 50M

The entrance is very close to the bus station at Tsing Yi Toll Gate. Just follow the stair case on the artificial slope.

Location 2: Altitude 275M

Very soon, we are at Fa Peng Teng (花瓶頂).

Location 3: Altitude 40M

After Fa Peng Teng (花瓶頂), we descend to the highway bridge and we have to cross the highway underneath. On the other side of the bridge, you will find a gate opened with some ribbons tied. Just get in the gate and follow the uphill hiking path.

Location 4: Altitude 160M

This called The Big Hill (Tai Shan 大山).

Location 5: Altitude 200M

Very good weather and very clear hiking path.

Location 6: Altitude 302M

We arrived at a RF station where you have a very good view on the North East Lantau Island.

Location 7: Altitude 265M

The downhill hike is also very enjoyable. You see, what a magnificent view.
The real estate on the left is Discovery Bay.

Location 8: Altitude 100M

Here we go. We finally land at Discovery Bay, time for high tea.