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since April 2000

Elephant Hill (象山)


Last Visit: 26 Aug 2012


Trip Description

Elephant Hill, Lion Hill and Tiger Hill are the three hills in northern Lantau named after animals. This route is not dangerous, you don't have to overcome sheer cliffs. However you have to tackle thick bushes and missing paths. In certain parts, the path is totally gone although you can find some old ribbons unevenly scattered around the route. Some ribbons are very far away from each other. People with little bush-dashing experience may get lost quite easily.

Location 1: Altitude 5M

Starting from the Tai O bus stop, we have to first cross this 新基大橋.

Location 2: Altitude 5M

Start trekking up.

Location 3: Altitude 40M

This is an old land mark indicating the boundary of colony Hong Kong and Mainland China in late Qing Dynasty.

Location 4: Altitude 185M

What a rock! Becareful when you climb up this.

Location 5: Altitude 380M

Come on! Keep walking.

Location 6: Altitude 420M

This is the top of Elephant Hill (象山).

Location 7: Altitude 405M

From Elephant Hill peak, you have to move down to a valley before you arrive at another peak. When you descend to around 350M, the bush become very punishing. I can say the path is totally vanished.
After some hard work , we finally arrived at another peak.

Location 8: Altitude 390M

The video here showed the route with tall bushes, but let me assure you the most tedious part was not recorded in the video.
When you are about to reach concrete road, the path ends up on the upper edge of a huge landslide site. I would suggest you not to try to scale down this landslide cave. You should follow the ribbons on the right which will lead you to Sum Wat Road safely.