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since April 2000

East East Dog Tooth (東東狗牙嶺)


Last Visit: 13 Dec 2015


Trip Description

East East Dog Teeth (東東狗牙嶺) is one of the ridges of Dog Teeth Mountain Range. It is on the east most side of the mountain range,that's why it is dubbed as East East Dog Teeth. The first half of the route is quite bushy and yet the path is quite identifiable with the aid of ribbons. The second half of the route joins the other three Dog Tooth (West Dog Teeth, Middle Dog Teeth and East Dog Teeth) and eventually ends at Phoenix Trail near Lantau Peak.
The entrance is very close to Ma Po Ping Prison (痲布平監獄). Take bus from Tung Chung (東涌) and get off at Ma Po Ping Prison bus stop. Follow the cemented slope and then turn left upon the catch water. You will find the entrance very soon.

Location 1: Altitude 100M

This is a bridge over the catch water. Our journey starts here.
Follow the staircase to go up. Before long you will find there is a narrow path on your right. Steer to it. Within a few meters, you will see ribbons and a muddy path on your left. This muddy and bushy path will lead you to East East Dog Teeth.

Location 2: Altitude 215M

Just emerged from the bush and looked back to Ma Po Ping Prison.

Location 3: Altitude 425M

This bay is called Shui Kao (水口) where you see people playing kite surfing.

Location 4: Altitude 465M

Quite a steep hike and yet very rewarding.

Location 5: Altitude 500M

Finally the East East Dog Teeth joins the East Dog Teeth.

Location 6: Altitude 590M

Before joining the West Dog Teeth at One Tree Cliff (一樹崖), you need overcome a 45 degree climb.