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since April 2000

Dragon Back (龍脊)

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: 24 Jan 2004

Hong Kong Island

Trip Description

This is a famous hiking trail on Hong Kong Island. It is easily accessible. Although it is not short, it has many exits throughout the trail. The trail mainly lies on the ridge of a the mountain, there is good views on both sides of the trail.

Location 1: Altitude 130M

Here is the entrance.

Location 2: Altitude 245M

Walking up to the ridge.

Location 3: Altitude 250M

This is a view of Shek O Wan (石澳灣).

Location 4: Altitude 235M

The trail is wide and easy to follow. Road sign everywhere.

Location 5: Altitude 284M

This is the peak of Ta Lan Tsing Teng Shan(打爛程頂山).

Location 6: Altitude 270M

First half of the trail is on open mountain ridge. The second half is embraced by short trees and birds' song. The short trees shield you from any strong wind and strong sunshine, I feel the tenderness of wilderness here.

Location 7: Altitude 210M

Here is the exists.