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since April 2000

Dao Wan Rock River (得ホ猠)


Last Visit: 8 May 2016


Trip Description

This is quite a famous rock river in Lantau and is very accessible. You can see the rock river from Wisdom Pillar (み竒虏狶) clearly. This is basically a big pile of rock around Dao Wan Cliff (得盫). The rock river can be roughly divided into 3 parts: Lower Rock River, Middle Rock River and Upper Rock River. The entrance of the lower rock river is on the Phoenix Trail Stage 3 near Ngong Ping.

Location 1: Altitude 460M

This is the entrance of the rock river. The background is Dao Wan Cliff (得盫).

Location 2: Altitude 500M

Here we go, start engaging the lower rock river.

Location 3: Altitude 550M

The rock river is quite steep, keep climbing up.

Location 4: Altitude 575M

Mist came around suddenly. This sharp rock is a land mark of lower rock river.

Location 5: Altitude 600M

Here is the end of the lower rock river.

Location 6: Altitude 615M

We followed the ribbons but the ribbons are not taking us to the middle rock river. Instead the ribbons led us to bypass the middle rock river by edging across Dao Wan Cliff (得盫) sideway.
You can see some small dots on steep face of the rock. These are hikers. It looked pretty difficult huh. You got to be very careful when doing this maneuver.
When you finish this part, you are on top of the middle rock river. There is also an exit on the left (if you are facing the mountain).

Location 7: Altitude 670M

The upper "rock river" is not like the lower rock river at all. The upper "rock river" is basically a steep hiking path wandering in forest.
This hiking path will take you to Phoenix Peak eventually.