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since April 2000

Ngau Kwo Lo (牛過路) + Mount Hallowes (柦柴山)


Last Visit: 2 Nov 2014

NT East

Trip Description

This trip is pretty easy and yet very beautiful. It embraces the panorama view of HK North-East sea. Novice may find this trip a little bit exhausting but it is not dangerous at all. The entrance of the trail is in the delta area near Hoi Ha.
This route was grouped under Easy Hike in the past. Recently we visited the route again, I must now give it 2 stars. There two main reasons. First, there are many overgrown bush making the path very narrow. They also block views and wind. Navigation becomes much more difficult. The bush relieves only above 300M. The same applies to both uphill and downhill path. Another issue is the ribbons around the plain at 175M. There are quite a number of ribbons leading you to the middle of thick bush. Only the path on your immediate right is correct. This one is quite bushy too, it may make you doubt your choice.

Location 1: Altitude 0M

This is a dried river bed running from your left to right. The trip start right in the opposite river bank.

Location 2: Altitude 55M

We are walking up.

Location 3: Altitude 160M

Here the hiking path cuts through a forest with tall trees.

Location 4: Altitude 215M

Going towards Mount Hallowes in 2004.
Going towards Mount Hallowes in 2014.

Location 5: Altitude 350M

We are almost on the very perk of Mount Hallowes.

Location 6: Altitude 335M

This picture showed leaving Mount Hallowes in 2004. In 2014, the path is still here but it is infested with stubborn and confusing bush. It does not look so clean like this picture any more.
When you descend to Nam Shan Tung (南山洞), there is a cemented road running left-right. You can leave on either directions.