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since April 2000

Ngau Yee Shek Shan and Ngam Tau Shan (牛耳石山 及 岩頭山)


Last Visit: 25 Jun 2017

New Territories East

Trip Description

This hike visits two major mountains Ngau Yee Shek Shan and Ngam Tau Shan (牛耳石山 及 岩頭山) in Sai Kung area. The route is not a very common one. It is quite narrow but reasonably traceable. It has quite a bit of spider web for sure.

Location 1: Altitude 80M

The entrance locates inside Lady MacLehose Holiday Village (麥理浩夫人度假村). You have to talk pass the security gate of the village in order to get to the entrance of this hike.

This is the entrance of the path. It is behind some holiday houses. There are not a lot of ribbons at this starting point. We started in a forest.

Location 2: Altitude 153M

The walk was quite bushy with many over-grown. There are sufficient ribbons guiding hiker all the way through.

Location 3: Altitude 260M

We left the forest around this height. Clear sky finally came up.

Location 4: Altitude 400M

This is Ngau Yee Shek Shan (牛耳石山). A good spot to take a rest. After resting a while, we cut through MacLehose Trail #3 and move to Ngam Tau Shan (岩頭山).

Location 5: Altitude 452M

This is Ngam Tau Shan (岩頭山).