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since April 2000

Chu Hang to Tai To Yan (竹坑 至 大刀刃)


Last Visit: 19 May 2013

NT North

Trip Description

This route is not very long but it is quite interesting. There are very few ribbons tied along the route indicating that not many hikers visit this one. I rate this route as 3 stars because of the last 140M (see my comment below). Other than that this path is not very difficult and it gives quite good scenery. There a few very good rock platform for hikers to rest and enjoy.

Location 1: Altitude 30M

The entrance is very easy to find. This Chu Hang playground is the land mark.
Next to the playground is a pond.

Location 2: Altitude 35M

This is the end of the cement path, the start of the hike. Very soon, you will pass by some tombs. Just keep moving. The uphill path will emerge beyond the tomb cluster.

Location 3: Altitude 140M

The path is covered with dense bush from the entrance to around 105M. The path in the bush is not very clear. Just keep your bearing, you should be able to get through it. This shot is looking back to the bush.

Location 4: Altitude 190M

Walking in flowers.

Location 5: Altitude 380M

There are small pink flowers (Rose Myrtle) all over the mountain ridge.

Location 6: Altitude 510M

The most demanding part is the route is between 380M and 520M, that is the rear part. The part is as steep as 70~80 degree. It is slippery and is also infested by short thorny plants. There was rain one day before our hike, thus this part is really slippery. A pair of gloves or some cutting devices will be very helpful.
After some hardship, you will eventually get to Tai To Yan hiking trail where you can go to either Fanling or Kadooire Farm(加道理農場).