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since April 2000

Cheung Lin Shan (長蓮山)


Last Visit: 5 May 2013

Hong Kong Island

Trip Description

This route is not shown in the government published map. Thanks for many hiking veterans who have created this path. This route is quite hidden in the bush. It is however, the route is not too difficult to follow. It is quite unexpected Hong Kong Island got such an interesting path. Again, if you are not used to hiking in dense vegetation, don' try this route.

Location 1: Altitude 40M

The entrance is very easy to locate.
The stair case beside the sign starts the journey.
There is a man-made waterfall opposite to the entrance.

Location 2: Altitude 230M

We are now walking along a wandering path inside a forrest .

Location 3: Altitude 256M

Unlike a typical hill top, the top of Lin Fa Tseng Shan (Bridge Hill, 蓮花井山) is populated with trees. We cannot get a very good telescopic view of the surrending countryside.

Location 4: Altitude 240M

We met a junction here, turn right. If you go straight, you will go to Lo Fu Shan (老虎山).
Please follow the mark of Cheung Lin Shan (長蓮山).
Moving inside forest ...
(BTW the narrators watched too many kungfu movies)

Location 5: Altitude 345M

There is a valley lying in front of us. We have to go down the valley and climb up again. The hill top in the picture is the exit of this path. The path going downhill is quite slippery, be careful.

Location 6: Altitude 360M

Now, we join back the main hiking trail. You can leave the trail on either left or right.