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since April 2000

Castle Peak South Ridge (青山南脊)


Last Visit: 25 Aug 2013

NT West

Trip Description

Castle Peak South Ridge is nice pleasant hiking trail, yet it is not frequently visited by hikers. The starting point is not far from public transport. You can get nice view of Tuen Mun (屯門) when you are on the ridge. The hike is a bit physically demanding but very safe as long as you don't do stupid thing. Part of the hike has to cut through some dense bush, it is advised to follow experienced hikers.

Location 1: Altitude 10M

This is the entrance. You can find a ribbon tied on the door which is not locked. Let's go.

Location 2: Altitude 20M

Very soon, you will find a faint footpath going uphill. Here we go.

Location 3: Altitude 90M

Let's take a short break under the power transmission tower.

Location 4: Altitude 315M

Here we found a deep gutter.

Location 5: Altitude 390M

The sky is a little bit hazy. The view still look refreshing.

Location 6: Altitude 583M

To get to the real Castle Peak top, you need to climb this ladder. If you are not interested in it, you can bypass it. You can finish the hike without climbing to the top.
Scenery from Castle Peak top.

When you arrived at the pavilion, you can take the stair case back eastwards back to Tuen Mun.