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since April 2000

Buffalo Hills (黃牛山,水牛山)

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: 18 Oct 2009

NT East

Trip Description

It is a fair easy route, yet some parts of route immersed in long grass. The route covers two bullalo hills: West Bullalo Hill(黃牛山) and Buffalo Hill(水牛山). The view is very good in a clear day. Most of route is on mountain ridge, in windless summer time, it can be killing-hot.

Location 1: Altitude 40M

We started from bus terminus. There are bus and min-bus bring you from Shatin New Town Plaza to this bus terminus. Walk up the stars and follow the pavement.

Location 2: Altitude 485M

Wow, we are on the windy ridge.

Location 3: Altitude 525M

Grass are not short here but the vegetation is tender. Combining with gentle autumn breeze, it is a very good picture.

Location 4: Altitude 606M

Simon is on the top of Buffalo Hill(水牛山) measuring wind speed.

Location 5: Altitude 560M

We are now leaving West Bullalo Hill(黃牛山). It is rather steep, becareful.