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since April 2000

Bread Rock (方包石)


Last Visit: 29 Mar 2015

NT West

Trip Description

This trip starts from Pak Long (北朗) near Lung Kwu Tan (龍鼓灘). The goal is to find the Bread Rock (方包石). We will pass by a slight-seeing feature called Emperor Rock (皇帝巖). It was said one of the Chinese king fled and stop by the huge rock for temporary shelter hundreds years ago. There is a well paved path taking you there from Pak Long bus station.
Shortly after the Emperor Rock, the footpath ends. You have to start real hiking by climbing over the yellow fence.

Location 1: Altitude 260M

The hiking paths in this area are very sandy and slippery. Hike carefully.

Location 2: Altitude 310M

We turned right. Although we don't exactly follow the path on government countryside map, trust us, follow ours.

Location 3: Altitude 270M

This is Rock Pile Top (疊石頂) which is good place for reading and meditation :)
This the Rock Pile Top shot from below.

Location 4: Altitude 175M

Finally we found the Bread Rock. It is located on a small stream. It really looks like pieces of bread. This photo is called Club Sandwich.

Location 5: Altitude 210M

They were overcoming another sandy uphill climb.

Location 6: Altitude 225M

From here, you can follow the government countryside map to head to the nearest concrete rock (良景凹) which will take you to Tun Mun (屯門) down town.