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since April 2000

Ape Valley (靈猿手谷)


Last Visit: 1 Oct 2012

NT East

Trip Description

This is one of the challenging path going from Goose Valley lost trail (雁谷迷徑) to Tiu Shau Ngam. This route is embraced in a valley called Ape Valley (靈猿手谷). It really deserves 4 stars difficulty rating. It is short but very steep, some of the slope come with 80 degree. At some parts, there is no margin for error. There are guiding ribbons all the way through. One of the challenge is to identify the entance of this Ape Valley (靈猿手谷). It would be easily be confused with another valley nearby called Golden Dog Valley (金毛狗峽). In fact, the entrance of the Ape Valley (靈猿手谷) was mistakenly marked as Golden Dog Valley (金毛狗峽) by graffiti. Becareful.

Location 1: Altitude 340M

This is the entrance of Ape Valley (靈猿手谷). You can see the tree tag of "468".

Location 2: Altitude 370M

Your hands get dirty as soon as you start the journey. It was a warm up for upcoming challenges.

Location 3: Altitude 390M

After we have entered Ape Valley (靈猿手谷) in 20 min, we were blocked by a huge rock wall. Ribbons lead to us to both left and right direction. Both paths do not converge later on. They lead you to the left/right sides of the valley respectively. We have decided to take the right one which should be a little bit easier.
You see, we have a spiderman.

Location 4: Altitude 410M

We have to turn right on meeting another rock wall.

Location 5: Altitude 425M

We faced another rock wall, turn right on this. This guy was giving the direction.
Here is the tricky part. This guy was smiling but actually he was facing a big challenge. You have to make use of a foothole on the vertical cliff before you can continue the trip. Right after that the muddy slope comes at 80 degree. It is really not for the inexperienced.

Location 6: Altitude 465M

We have now arrived at a rocky platform. Time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. On the opposite site of the valley is the Golden Wall (黃金壁) which is basically a big vertical rocky surface.

Location 7: Altitude 470M

This small sharp rock looks like a piece of cake but both sides of the rocks are not really solid ground. After this, you can get back to the main trail of Tiu Shau Ngam.