Shek Lung Tasi Stream (石壟仔石澗)

Region: NT East


Last Visit: 1 Apr 2018

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Route Description

This is a very short stream. The lower portion is running inside the forest. The middle part is more open to sunshine. There is no major water pool for swimming however it has a major waterfall that is very eye-catching even from afar.

Some hikers visit Shek Lung Tsai Rock Jungle (石壟仔石林) after conquering this stream. This stream is pretty short. If everything goes well, you should be able to handle both on the same day.



We crossed this stream here and then dashed to Shek Lung Tasi Stream (石壟仔石澗). We skipped the lower stream in view of avoiding the very flooded lower stream.



We officially entered Shek Lung Tasi Stream (石壟仔石澗) at this point.



Soon, we arrived at a small dam. We overcame it on the left.



This is the highlight of the whole trip. This waterfall is very prominent even from some other nearby mountain range. It is however, there is no sizable water pool accompanying this waterfall. We can reach the top of the waterfall by taking a faint route on the left.

The stream takes a 90 degree turn after the major waterfall. If you follow the water traces, you will eventually reach a hiking trail. Alternatively, you can leave the stream on the top of the waterfall. You will discover some ribbons leading you straight up into the forest. Although a bit confusing, you will eventually reach Shek Lung Tsai Rock Jungle (石壟仔石林).