ManCheung 9 Bends(萬丈九曲)

Region: Lantau


Last Visit: 20 Aug 2000

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Route Description

ManCheungPo has two main sources, the right one is ManCheung 9 bends. The upper part of the Mancheung 9 Bends runs through an abandon farm, the water is very clean. The 9 bends is usually considered as a separate stream from ManCheungPo because normally people won't visit both ManCheungPo and the 9 bends in a same day. If you do, it would be too hurry to enjoy the great beauty of the streams. Moreover, the atmosphere of the 9 bends is somewhat different from that of ManCheungPo main stream. This picture is an overview of the convoluting ManCheung 9 bends.



After running through a short distance of narrow water stream. You'll find a big water pool with a fall of 5M tall. The pool is partly sunk into forest, thus it looks quite creepy.



Here is another big deep pool. This pool is more open then the previous one but the size is pretty much same as the previous one. Water flows over a big and wide rocky wall into the pool. Obviously, it is a good place for swimming.



There is the gorge(削壁廊) right after the 2 pools.



Here is three consecutive short falls(三疊瀑). Each fall associates with a shallow water pools.