Huang Mu Waterfall (黃母瀑布,一條龍)

Region: NT West


Last Visit: 30 Aug 2009

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Route Description

This stream is an offshoot of the famous Tai Shing Stream (大成石澗). This offshoot is not frequently visited. The beginning is marked by a magnificent waterfall called Huang Mu Waterfall (黃母瀑布). It is so tall that it is also dubbed 一條龍 (A long dragon). Below 450M is quite steep, afterwards, the stream become embedded in tangling forest with very slippery ragged path. It is certainly not for casual hikers.



The entrance of this stream is on the middle stream of the TaiShing Stream. So we've decided not to trek through the lower stream of TaiShing, we took a regular hiking path to bypass the TaiShing lower stream, so that we could reach Huang Mu Waterfall sooner. This metal fence indicates a quick access path to TaiShing middle stream.



We reached the foot of Huang Mu Waterfall (黃母瀑布). This waterfall could be roughly be divided into 3 sections. Each section has a different guise. The first section is about 25M tall.
There is a small pool under the waterfall, we chose to take on it on the left where the surface was drier.
At this point, we have to move from left to right to continue climbing up.



There is a very deep mid-sized pool above the first waterfall section. Although the pool-side is populated with green algae, it is still an tempting idea to jump in.



This is the last section of the Huang Mu Waterfall. It is about 5M tall. After this point, the stream gets narrower.



After some struggling in the forest, the stream becomes expose again and an unexpected handsome waterfall shows up.
You can climb up on the right as demonstrated in the video.



Now the stream is flattening off with occasional hugh rocks. You see we have to overcome the wet ragged riverbed.



Here is the exit which intersects the stream. You can leave either eastwards or westwards for dinner.