Tung Lung Camp: Headland of the World

Jan 1-2, 1999

Dear All:

Here are all the digialized photos. Wonderful camping sites and greatphotos! Ideal remote campsite on a headland surrounded by sea. For thosewho have not the chance to join the camp, don't regret.

We'll organize another short camp or day camp again soon!

LuxuaryHotpot at Camp

Wildcamp with mobile TV: the most corrupted life

Cold night withcold drinks

Smiling faces...

A Lonely guy on the headland

Fierce man along the shore

Two healthymen doing exercise in the morning
Two camp (andtwo) men

Eastern side of the campsite(clearwater bay)
  Breakfast: dumpling &noodles

Stove maker: Adrian Li
Southern Side of the campsitestood a handsome guy
sense of remoteness
The Full team: William, Patrick,Adrian, ^ Lawman, Anthony (from Left to Right) (Clearway Bay Country Clubopposite)
The very far south end of thecamping site
South end seeing bluff
Southeastern end of the campsite:endless ocean
Smart looking guy
Northern side of campsite:mountain and sea
Energetic boy
bananas or noodles? which one is more deicious?
Cliffhangers on the south endof the campsite
artistic breakfast with tea
beautiful scene along the coastline
headland: our campsite on top
Bird's view on another campsitenear to ours
Giant natural feature: a potholecalled "button hole cave"
three bravehearts in a valley
nearby campsite with flatland, BBQ site, flying kite, etc.
Strange stone on the hill
Four hungry guys: 10th Year Anniversary of their Expedition
Two men who would not dareto die climbing a vertical cliff
Bird's view on another campsitenear to ours
Brave man
Natural Blowhole on the Island