Silver Mine Waterfall (銀礦群瀑)

Region: Lantau


Last Visit: 28 Aug 1995

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Route Description

Silver Mine Waterfalls is a nice place near Mui Wo in Lantau Island. We started our journey from Mui Wo Ferry Pier.

We walked along the hiking path to the pavilion in Waterfall Park. The Lower Silver Mine Falls was situated there. This waterfall is split into two branches.



The Pearl Falls (珍珠瀑)
After climbing up the Pearl Falls on the left handed side, the Silver Mine Main Falls appeared immediately in front of our eyes. It is as high as 70 feet. The Falls was great with abundant water flowing down.


Silvermine Main Falls
Trekking up more, we saw another small falls with a pool big enough for you to have a swim there.
Eugene, Man and Tobby standing next to the falls Higher up was a small dam made up of old rocks. We found a hiking path on the right-handed side of this dam to leave.
"This route is not very difficult. It is worthwhile to go there where you can see so many falls in 3 hrs!"