Rocky Board Stream (石板坑)

Region: NT Middle


Last Visit: 17 Feb 2013

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Route Description

This stream is called Rocky Board Stream (石板坑) because you can see a hugh rocky slope from afar. It has no big waterfall nor refreshing swimming pools. However, some the rocky slopes are smooth and wet, these could be an interesting challenge.



The entrance of the stream lies behind this playground.
You can get to the stream through a broken fence next to the pavilion.
You will soon find a catchwater. The fastest way to start is to climb down to the catchwater. It is highly not recommended if the catchwater carries significant running water.



We are now taking on the wet rocky slope. The rocky slope itself is rather smooth. When lubricated by water, it could be very slippery.



Overcoming the slippery rocky slope.

At about 95M, there is exit on right. Of course, we keep pressing on.



Here is a pile of big rubble which is the remains of landslide.
This is the broken catchwater. Break-Through Youth Centre (突破青年中心) is next to it.

At about 130M, there is an exit on the left.

At about 155M, the stream branch off to right and left.



This is the left branch. This time we are not taking this left branch.
We take the right stream up. The rocky surfaces provide a lot more friction then the rock in down stream.

At about 225M, you can leave the stream on right and then cross back to the left bank at about 230M where we really left the stream.



Before you get back to the main footpath, you have to dash through a pretty confusing forest. Although there are sparse guiding ribbons, you may still need a bit of luck and experience to find your way out. You will eventually arrive at the pathway of Nui Po Shan (女婆山).