North Dragon River (北龍石澗)

Region: Lantau


Last Visit: 28 Apr 2001

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Route Description

North Dragon Stream is one of the main river in Yellow Dragon River system. Compared to Yellow Dragon river and Cang Long river, the water flow of North Dragon is much lesser. The lower and middle stream is mainly embraced by primary forest. Although it has no majestic waterfalls and icy cool swimming pool, the highlight of this stream comes in the upper stream where you will find some interesting cliffs.
This river trek is sufficiently guided by red ribbons.



Here mark the entrance of the river. There is a footpath on your left bringing you to the stream.



Once you enter the stream, you are almost isolated from the sky by tall trees. At this altitude (150M), you can see the sky again because there is a wide rocky slope without trees.



Just before the end of the rocky slope, you will find a "thin" waterfall about 7M tall. After this fall, you have to say good-bye to the sky because the stream is about to cram into the forest again.



There is a red rope hanging across the narrow stream. The rope looks like inviting you to jump across the stream. Actually, you can trek along the river on either right bank or left bank of the stream. As a matter of fact, jumping across the stream at this point takes real agility.



Primary forest in the upper stream.



Eventually the stream get steeper and steeper. You will find some rope hanging over to help you climbing up rocky walls.



This vertical cliff is about 7M tall, it is called Cliff of Celestial Book(天書壁). It is strictly vertical, you cannot overcome without proper rocky climbing equipment. All of a suddenly, you feel like reaching a dead end. Don't panic, there is a faint footpath on the left of this cliff.
Just about 5 minutes away from the Cliff of Celestial Book, you can find a huge rocky gutter inside which many tough rattans grow. It is the only way you can get yourself out of the forest and go back to Lantau trail.