Milford Track, New Zealand

Region: New Zealand

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: 1998

Route Description

Milford Track is the best trek in the world"- this saying is true in some sense. In this 4 days and 3 nights trip, you will see excellent mountain and waterfall views. You may feel a bit tired during the trek, yet every minute is full of excitement and leisure.

The Track is situated in a place called Milford Sound , in the southern island of New Zealand.

You need to take a boat to travel across Lake Te Anau to reach the starting point. Then you will trek along Clinton River upwards. It is a pleasurable 2-days walk.

On Day 3 ( the climax day), you go to Mackinnon Pass (1073 m) where you enjoy excellent mountain view. Then you walk down to Quintin Hut and go along a side-track to see the highest waterfall in NewZealand- Sutherland Falls. This waterfall is very great and magnificent! The water spits out to a distance as far as 100m from it. You have to take a waterproof camera if you don't want to miss the chance of taking photos. Don't forget to go behind the waterfall ( from the left hand side to the right hand side). The experience is wonderful!

On Day 4 , you will walk downwards along Arthur River where you will appreciate beautiful waterfalls (including Mackay Falls, Giant Gate Falls) and the very peaceful Lake Ada ( the lake is the mirror of the surrounding mountains). The end of the trek is Sandfly point where there is really many sandflies, and you can can see the nearby Mitre Peak there.

Milford track is very famous. Hikers from all around the world go there. There is daily quota for people getting into the trek. You have to book in advance ( If you plan to go in peak season, say near December , you may need to book one year ahead).

You can contact: Greak Walks Bookings Desk, Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre, Lakefront Drive, Te Anau , New Zealand . Phone (03) 249 8514, Fax (03) 2498515 for booking and further details.
Just Cross Lake Te Anau
Trek along Clinton River 1
Trek along Clinton River 2
Trek along Clinton River 3
Mackinnon Pass 1
Mackinnon Pass 2
Mackinnon Pass 3
Mackinnon Pass 4
Mack. Pass to Quintin Hut 1
Mack. Pass to Quintin Hut 2
Sutherland Falls 1
Sutherland Falls 2
Sutherland Falls 3
Sutherland Falls 4
Trek down Arthur River
Mackay Falls
Giant Gate Falls 1
Giant Gate Falls 2
Lake Ada
View from Sandfly Point