Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia

Region: Malaysia

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: June 1996

Route Description

Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain (altitude: 4101m) in South-east Asia. It is situated at Kota Kinabalu of Borneo, Malaysia. That year, we did an adventure trip in that region. We did 3 days of trekking in Mt. Kinabalu, then followed by 3 days of jungle walk in a forest called Croacker Range.
We started at the Kinabalu Park where there were a lot of plants.
Laban Rest-house is the best overnight place before climbing up further.
At 3 am in the early morning, we had to get up and start the trek so that we could see the sunrise at the top of the Mt. Kinabalu. The scenery at the top of the mountain was breath holding.
Low's Peak- the highest peak of Mt. Kinabalu
Views from Low's Peak
After staying for a while at the top of Low's Peak, we returned along the same route. We could see another beautiful peak- South Peak clearly on that sunny day. It was a very sharp peak.
There were ropes along the difficult cliff while we were climbing down to the Kinabalu Park.