Feng Bi Stream(鳳壁石澗)

Region: Lantau


Last Visit: 5 March 2000

Route Description

A stream full of climbing excitement, but also with very high risk. You are strongly not recommended to go there unless there is accompanying experienced climber who is familiar with the route and fully equipped with rope and harness. Otherwise you may be in great trouble!

Location: It is situated at the western side of Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) in Lantau Island. Its upper end is at the peak of Fung Wong Shan and its lower end is Shek Pik Reservoir. It is better to take a bus to Ngong Ping and start the climb at the level of "Bu Lap Kei Ging"- a small path branched out from Lantau Trail because there is nothing special in the lowerportion of this stream. You climb in the eastern direction grossly.
That is the most dangerous area for the whole trip. Your adrenaline levelwill be at the explosive state. Stay calm. Take the rope and harness outand have somebody belaying you if don't want to bet your life.
Despite that , you still need to have greatest courage to climb up a short cliff where there is only some loose soil and rocks on the surface and nothing below you!!!
Take a deep relaxation and a photo after this climb!
The road in front will be much easier. You will reached at altitude 580m, HQ002634 (where the Lantau trail cuts across). Look upwards and you will see Lantau Peak Rocky Stream,
The uppermost of it is Fung Wong Mun (Door of the Lantau Peak). It is a nice walk.
With a funny rock collection of 50-feet high at the upper end- so called "Rocky Tower" with a window in it.
Climb over the Tower and then walk along a narrow path upwards. At the last step , you will see the Door of Lantau Peak at an altitude of about 850m
Look backwards and appreciate the great beauty behind you.
If you were lucky , you can also admire the unforgettable sunset seen at the top of Lantau Peak at the altitude of 934m.
Walk along Lantau Trail in western direction afterwards to return to Ngong Ping where you can leave.