Feng Dang Steam - Left Branch (鳳塘石澗 - 左支)

Region: Lantau


Last Visit: November 2004

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Route Description

This route is similar to QingTian Gorge except that it takes an easier route to the left branch of the FengDang Stream. Since it is close to East Dog Teeth, this route is sometimes called East offshoots of the East Dog Teeth Stream. This route, ranked only 3 stars, is designed for those who want to experience the jungles on the south side of the Lantau Peak, and yet don't want to tackle the dangerous cliffs on most of the routes along the same side.



This is the entrance of Fengdang Stream. It is located on the water intake 15, 16, 17. And when water is low, you can use the string on the left side to enter the river.



This is the biggest pool along the journey. The pools up on the tops are very small. Along the route, there is red ribbon guiding your journey.



The river grows wider around 250m and the route is less clear. Stay left and the river almost dries up. You end up in the left stream of the stream, and yet still going uphill And you will naturally go to the little jungle with tall trees and most signs (e.g. red ribbons and white ribbons) disappear. At 360m, you will see a vertical cliff.



The river becomes less apparent and there is no overt route. You have to start to go into brushes on your left side at this point. Hold the trees and climb the steep slopes.



You will go out of the brushes and trees at this point and see the junction between East and West Kau Nga Ling (Dog Teeth) on the opposite side of the valley. Walk along the visible paths to go for more 10 m and you will reach the 535 point of Kau Nga Ling.



The easiest way to leave the stream is to go down the middle Dog Teeth to return to the main road. Along the walks, you will see Lantau Peak on your north side.