Double Dragon River (sۼ)


26 Dec 1996


Location 1

Altitude : 40M

Description : This is the entrance of the Double Dragon river, the direction is indicated by Lawman.
Location 2

Altitude : 45M

Description : Dam
There is small dam in the down stream of the river.
Location 3

Altitude : 160M

Description : Handsome Patrick Lau
Here is a junction. Take the left route. By the way, the guy in the middle of the picture is handsome Patrick Lau.
Location 4

Altitude : 260M

Description : Middle Exit
Here is the middle exit. You can leave the river here, or you have to go through the rest of the river.
Location 5

Altitude : 420M

Description : s¤
This is a most exciting feature of this river. You have to climb by the left of the water stream. In rainy seasons, it may be very slippery, take grate care.
Location 6

Altitude : 460M

Description : Exit
After s¤, take the route on your right as indicated in picture. You can easily find the Lantau trail onwards.