Au Pui Wan Stream (坳背灣坑)

Region: NT Central


Last Visit: 30 Jun 2013

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Route Description

This stream is very easy to locate. Although this stream is not a long one, it is packed with clean water pools and falls. There are a lot of big rocks to climb too. This stream is not frequently visited by hiking teams, therefore the stream wilderness is preserved. Guilding ribbons are rare. You really need to think for your next move. From entrance to around altitude 235M, the stream is reasonably open. After that the stream runs inside a forest.
Some hiker will leave the stream at around 300M, but we exited at 270M because some of our new blood have experienced enough.



This is the entrance. Take the stairs on the left of the dam.
This huge water funnel collect water just before the dam.



The first pool is a shallow one.
Very soon you will be confronted by another pool. At a glance, one can by-pass the pool on either left or right. We chose the left one. It could be a real challenge if the rock is a bit wet. If you chose the right one, you may need to get you feet wet later on. Your choice.



Ben in the pool. SO cool ...



Another beautiful view. Take the left slope get around those waterfalls.
Scaling up along the left slope.



This is an very good place for a dip and for a rest. The water is very clean and cool. The tall waterfall is creating refreshing wind. There are trees by the pool for sheltering too.
This pool is deep but quite narrow. There is a big rocky stuff occupying a significant volume of the pool. Be careful, do not bump into it.



Another interesting climb.



This is the last challenge of this trip.
This is the exit point. You can find a hiking path cut across the stream. Some people may keep going for the next exist not too far way. But today, we decided to leave here.