Junior Amazon (小亞馬遜)

Region: NT East


Last Visit: 1 Oct 2006


Route Description

This route is actually the lower stream of Lung Hang (Dragon Stream 龍坑). Its lower stream is much more famous than Lung Hang itself. This route is dubbed Junior Amazon because it is a flat water way cutting through some lush forrest. Unlike most of river/stream routes introduced in this web site, you must get into the water from beginning to the end. Thus it is recommended to water-proof your backpack and put on anti-slippery footware.
A few year ago, the water level of this route was much lower. During this visit, the water was much higher than expected, it may be caused some dam construction. There are many small fish living this water. The water was visually clean and is running, we didn't see many rubbish floating around during our visit.


This is the entrance of the Junior Amazon. Some people opt to enter the stream further down stream which is not very attractive.
We soon arrive a dam where we inflate our floation device to keep our backpack dry.
We are now getting into business. Water is cool and is getting deeper.
A view in Junior Amazon.
Sometimes the routes got narrow and shallow, we need to carry the boat. It was quite a challenge.
Walking into a big pool.
Strait to pass!
Struggling ahead.
This is one of the big pool.


Here is the end of Junior Amazon where you will find a dam and a footpath. In order not to treapass the Holiday Village, you should take the path on your left.