WunYiu to PingLong, J? W

3 May 2009

NT North


Trip Discription

This is not a very popular hiking route. Some hikers may use part of the route after visiting Tai Mo Shan (jUs). This route is relatively easy for experienced hikers. Most of the route has no shelter at all, it is quite punishing in hot summer afternoon.

Location 1

Altitude: 90M
This is the entrance behind a village.

Location 2

Altitude: 140M
After moving across a local graveyard, Oh! We found a snake skin!

Location 3

Altitude: 330M
We are resting under a power transmission tower which provides certain level of sheltering from the burning sun.

Location 4

Altitude: 588M
We now reach an anonymous mountain top. We only know it is of 588m high.

Location 5

Altitude: 340M
We are moving down a steep path in a jungle.