Wang Chung Stream(Fۼ)


Last Visit: 25 June 2006

NT North

Trip Description

Wang Chung Stream(Fۼ) is one of the most popular streams in Hong Kong. The entrance is on the Bride's Pool Road (sQ). It is easily accessible and hiker-friendly. It embraces picturesque landscapes: majestic waterfalls and clear water pools. It is also short, one could enjoy the stream without worrying sunset. It is a good idea to spend a relaxing summer afternoon in this stream and forget all the hassle in the city.

Location 1
Altitude : 50M

Description : Affluent waterflow appears as soon as you step in the stream.
Location 2
Altitude : 90M

Description : This stream is made famous by this majestic waterfall, DragonBall Waterfall(s]r). This waterfall is dividied into upper and lower portion. The lower portion is taller than the upper half. This picture shows the lower half. The two portions add up to about 35M in height.
There is a nice hiker footpath on the left of the waterfall. One could walk by the side of the waterfall without endangering oneself.
Description : Some bold guys may climb up the cliff the on the right of the waterfall, just like the one in the picture. That cliff is not extremely difficult, but it is straightly for experienced stream trekkers. Moreover, climbers have to cross the waterfall at the junction of upper and lower half. Someone did fall off the cliff and lose life. So, my offical recommendation is not to attempt the cliff on the right.
Description : There is a deep cool water pool beneath the DragonBall waterfall.
Description : This view was taken on the top of the DragonBall waterfall.

At 160m, there is a dam.
Location 3
Altitude : 165M

Description : Here is a wide deep water pool called DragonBall Pool (s]/Ѽ). Some people dive and snorkel in this pool.

Description : This is another angle of this pool which invites many visitors in hot summer time.
Location 4
Altitude : 175M

Description : Now the profile of the stream flattens off, but, eye-catching landscape keep on showing up.
Location 5
Altitude : 200M

Description : This is another middle stream cascade. This one is also deep enough of swimming.
Location 6
Altitude : 215M

Description : At last, you will meet a bridge on Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail (KP۵MШ||) which takes you back to the Bride's Pool Road.