South Dragon (nsۼ)


24 Sept 2000


Trip Description

This stream locate next to Green Dragon stream. Compare to Green Dragon stream, South Dragon does not have grand cliffs and falls. However, South Dragon has a sense of primitiveness. There are sufficient guiding red ribbons lied along this stream.

Location 1
Altitude : 125M

Description : This is the entrance of the South Dragon stream. It is marked by catch water intake 43 and 44. There is a small dam standing in the front door of this stream.
Location 2
Altitude : 250M

Description : This stream does not have tall waterfalls, no other hand, it has many short falls like this flights of water stair.
Location 3
Altitude : 265M

Description : Lawman is try to conquer this rapid rocky slope. This slope is the most challenging obstacle in this stream.
Location 4
Altitude : 270M

Description : This water fall is about 5M tall. One could overcome this waterfall on the right. Eugene is demonstrating how to do it in the following pictures. You have to grasp tree roots and rattan in order to scale up.
Location 5
Altitude : 295M
Description : At this altitude, please choose the left offshoot.
Location 6
Altitude : 365M
Description : Here we come to the exit of this journey. The exit lies right on the Lantau Trail.