Sheung Luk Stream(ۼ)


18 June 1995

NT East

Trip Description

This trip is taken on a thunderstorm day. Here introduces one of the biggest and most beautiful streams in Hong Kong - that is Sheung Luk Stream which is very famous.
The stream was full of huge amount of flowing water on that day. There was really a risk of flooding at that time.

Location 1
Description : We saw 4 consecutive Pools . The biggest one was the 4th one- with the Main Pool Falls of 30 ft high. The pool is big enough for you to have a good swim. Occasionally you may see some "brave" guys jumping down from the top of this falls. But I think it is dangerous to do so!
Location 2
Description : We reached the Thousand Silk Falls (dr)at the altitude of 70m. This falls is a steep falls with a height of about 80ft. The flowing water is weak because there was a dam above it, which drains the water away. We climbed up at the right-handed side of the big falls. It was really an exciting climb on that thunderstorm day.
Location 3
Description : At the altitude of 80m, we met Ming Yau Falls (r)of 30ft-high. The falls was roaring in a very short distance.
Location 4
Description : By going upstream, we encountered the most impressive falls at the altitude of 150m. It was the 100ft-high Chong Yau Falls (ër)which was indeed very great and wonderful! No need to say anything after you see the following photos.
Location 5
Description : By passing through the famous "Stone Trail" (a narrow path parallel to the stream) , we arrived at the Black Deer Pool Falls. It was a 45ft-high falls.
Location 6
Description : Swimming in a pool is a "must" activity in trekking Sheung Luk Stream. This is Reindeer Pool ().
Location 7
Description : The 60ft-high Well Bottom Pool() Falls is situated at the altitude of about 230m. We climbed up on the right-handed side of the falls, seeing and listening to the roaring water flowing down into the hidden pool at a short distance.
Location 8
Description : The last falls is Ben Cho Falls (br)of characteristic "L" shape. If you were brave and fit enough, you might choose to climb on the right-handed side of the falls and pass across the falls (Of course, you will get totally wet) and get to the left-handed side of it.

At the top of Ben Cho Falls, there is a hiking path leading to the Luk Wu Hiking Trail. Sheung Luk Stream is an excellent stream in Hong Kong. It is ever beautiful and attractive. Nobody would challenge about this fact.