Qiu Feng Stream(秋楓石澗)


2 Oct 2000

NT East

Trip Description

Qiu Feng Stream (秋楓石澗) is also called 大枕蓋西坑. This is another excellent water fun paradise in summer time. This stream locates in Sai Kung area. The water there is not polluted and is very good for swimming.

Location 1
Altitude : 25M

Description : The entrace is marked by the BBQ stove on Family Walk(家樂徑). There is a faint footpath leading visitors from the BBQ stove to lower stream of the stream.
Location 2
Altitude : 5M

Description : We are now in the lower stream of the river. It is slippery there. Don't be misled by the dullness of the lower stream, good stuff is just 20 min away.
Location 3
Altitude : 20M

Description : Ha ha ha... After half an hour of exploration in hot summer time, it is best rewarded by jumping into a natural swimming pool like this one. There are many small fish in this pool. If you stand still in the water, those small fish will come to "bite" your feet, hoping for a mouthful of algae. Of course, the "bites" won't hurt.

To overcome the waterfall behind the pool, one can take the steep path on the left. This path is probably the most challenging thing in the whole trip.
Location 4

Altitude : 55M

Description : After 30min or so, you will meet another nice swimming pool but it is of smaller size. There is a step footpath on the left of the pool.
Location 5
Altitude : 95M

Description : This is the famous One-Line Fall (一線瀑). There are two ways to get over it. The first way is to climb on the cliff just on the left of the fall, just like what the guy was doing in the picture. The second way is much safer, there was a hidden footpath on your right to take you to the top of the fall.
There is a small dam lying several tens metre in front of the One-Line Fall. On the left of the dam, one could find a flight of ladder which takes one to the river bed. In rainy seasons, if the water level behind the dam is high, one has to lean towards the left rock wall and drag one's body slowly across to skip the water.
Location 6

Altitude : 130M

Description : This is the last sizable swimming pool on this trip.
Location 7
Altitude : 180M

Description : This is the last exercise on this trip. There is a steep rock wall that visitors have to play with. It has very marginal handholds and footholds. There is a shallow water pool beneath the wall; worse come to worse, you won't get very wet.

At the altitude of about 190m, you will find a exit path on your left. That path will take you back to Luk Wu Hiking Trail.