Pak Hang (_|)


Last Visit: 25 Dec 2001

NT East

Trip Description

This is a rather short stream, however it is very enjoyable. It is easily accessible too. Its entrance locates in Chek Keng (|) of Sai Kung (^). There are many red ribbons leading visitors along the way.

Location 1
Altitude : 0M

Description : The bridge ahead is the delta area of this little Pak Hang stream.
Location 2

Altitude : 10M

Description : We get into the river at this little bridge.
Location 3

Altitude : 25M

Description : After a while the stream cuts across a main hiking trail.
Location 4
Altitude : 30M

Description : This area is called Half Corridor (bY). Lawman is scaling across this rock wall. It is not too difficult but it definitely demands certain skills. Opposite to the rock wall there is regular dry river bed. Scaling the rock wall is not mandatory.
Description : This is what the Half Corridor looks like when we look back.
Location 5
Altitude : 40M

Description : There is a deep pool. This pool could be rather full in rainy seasons.
Location 6
Altitude : 50M

Description : This narrow passage is dubbed "Little Gorge (pŮl)". Going through right in the middle of this gorge is rather difficult. Someone people take the slope on the left to overcome this gorge.
Description : Eugene is cramming himself along the Little Gorge.
Location 7
Altitude :60M

Description : Right after the Little Gorge, there is an open area with water pool for relaxation. These big guys are skimming the water edge to by-pass the pool.
Location 8
Altitude : 120M

Description : The stream is getting narrower and drier as we go higher. There is a faint path leading visitors from the upper stream to the major hiking trail at about 160M.