Tai Tun(Ӽ[) and Lui Ta Shek (p)


Last Visit: 1 Apr 2007

NT Middle

Trip Description

This is a fairly leisure route. It is not too long but it embraces beautiful Saikung scenery. We visited this route during the season of blossom. Beautiful flowers like these spread all over the hill top. Its proximity to Pak Tam Chung bus stop make it a very ideal route for a refreshing afternoon.

Location 1
Altitude : 20M

Description : The entrance is right by the road side. It is however, the entrance is not extremely obvious to an untrained eye. This pictures was taken a few minutes after we'd started.
Location 2
Altitude : 155M

Description : Going uphill to Tai Tun (Ӽ[) which is a small mountain overseeing Saikung Sea.
Location 3
Altitude : 317M

Description : Here we reached Tai Tun top. In fine weather, it provides an ideal spot for enjoying breeze and view.

Location 4
Altitude : 315M

Description : Now we go north towards Lui Ta Shek (p).
Location 5

Altitude : 240M

Description : We have just passed a valley which is covered with lush vegetation.

Location 6
Altitude : 300M

Description : The big "guy" here is Lui Ta Shek.
Location 7

Altitude : 345M

Description : After resting on Lui Ta Shek top for short while we descend to MacLehose Trail on sheer slope.