Lotus Stream(ۼ)


11 Feb 2001

NT West

Trip Description

Lotus stream is one of the Nine Big Streams in Hong Kong. This stream locates at the upper right hand corner of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. It is characterized by a series of clear natural swimming pools. It is a good place to spend a day in hot summer time.
However, it normally takes you an hour of walk from main road to the entrance of the stream.

Location 1
Altitude : 70M

Description : This is the entrance of Lotus stream. This time we have a big group, 13 hikers.
Location 2
Altitude : 75M

Description : This is the first swimming pool that you will encounter. This is called White Lotus Pool(ս). This picture was taken in a lazy summer afternoon 10 years ago.
Location 3
Altitude : 100M

Description : After a while you will find a tall red vertical cliff on your right. Hiking veterans called it Red Lotus Cliff().
Location 4
Altitude : 105M

Description : Here is a jet of water stream dashing out from a tight rocky cliff. This water fall is about 15M in height. Could you see a guy in white "riding" the water jet? This water fall is given a nice name of Rainbow Fall of Red Lotus(mr).
Location 5
Altitude : 120M

Description : Right after the Rainbow Fall of Red Lotus, here comes the Lotus Terrace Fall(x). There is a easy rocky slope on the left to lead visitors to the top of this fall.
Location 6
Altitude : 145M

Description : Now you are in the relatively boring middle stream. This big rock is here to cheer you up in the middle stream. This is called Lotus Rock(x). It is a pyramidal shaped big rock.
Location 7
Altitude : 180M

Description : This is another nice short fall called Hidden Valley of Fairy Lotus(ըP). One can take pathway on the left to reach the top of this cascade where you can find a trace of foot path on your right. The foot path lead to the main trail. If you keep on going up along with the water stream, you will also meet the same trail pretty soon.
Location 8
Altitude : 185M

Description : This is what you can see while you are on the top of Hidden Valley of Fairy Lotus. This is the tallest and majestic water fall in this stream. This fall is called Curl Dragon Fall(Ͻr). You could overcome this fall by using the left path of the fall. However, you have to switch from the left side to the right side in the middle of the water fall. That means you have to walk across the water stream on a brink! It is perilous when the water flow is fast and affluent.
After that, the stream becomes completely flat off and you will meet the main trail in several minutes.