Hok Tsui River (bLۼ)


Jul 2008

Hong Kong

Trip Description

Hok Tsui Stream is located at the left side of the Hok Tsui Peninsula. It is not a popular road for hikers but it is a popular route for illegal immigrants to find and log Buddha Pine. So, be careful and dont go there alone. Near the River, there are numerous paths opened up. We believe that these were routes made by the illegal immigrants. Yet, along the main path, you can see ribbons left by hikers. The current description here is a round-trip of the stream with beautiful scenery.

Location 1
Altitude : 125M

Description : There is no public transportation to go along DAguilar Road. You can take the Shek O Bus and get off at Windy Gap and walk south to the entrance (a bridge)
Location 2
Altitude : 125M

Description : Go into the Stream on the north side of the bridge.
Location 3
Altitude : 130M

Description : There are big boulders near the entrance
Location 4
Altitude : 140M

Description : Around this attitude, you have to walk on the right side of the stream. And you can also slowly climb up steep slopes.
Location 5
Altitude : 160M

Description : There is a man-made feature there. It is supposed to be a water storage pool. And there is an arrow on it, reconfirming your route.
Location 6
Altitude : 180M

Description : The path goes out of the brushes. You can see the scenery across the bay. It should be noticed that you are no longer in the stream because it is too dark and small. There is no water at this point.
Location 7
Altitude : 180M

Description : You will end up in an open space. There are many roads here. Look left and you can find small paths.
Location 8
Altitude : 180M

Description : Again it leads you to a small rocky road.
Location 9
Altitude : 190M

Description : Maybe you start to be confused by many small paths. Walk to the direction of that strange flat rock on the top of the hill.
Location 10
Altitude : 200M

Description : There is a flat barren of rock in front of you. Again, look left and begin to turn back. Always remember the path is on your left side where you can find some red ribbons. However, you will find yourself stuck among brushes and long grass. You have no choice but cut your way through.
Location 11
Altitude : 300M

Description : At this point you start to turn south, and then you will hit a sign warning you the danger of electric wires. Dont go into the fences. But just walk along the fences.
Location 12
Altitude : 325M

Description : At this point you can see a large dish of the wireless station in front of you. From the station you can choose to walk along the car road of the station back to the entrance of the stream but it will be very long. Our group chose to go back along the brushes and go into the stream again.
Location 13
Altitude : 130M

Description : We ended up going downhill and hit the road near the drainage CD9.