Dragon Tail Stream (s|)


2 Nov 1997


Trip Description

Dragon Tail Stream runs from Lin Fa Shan(s) range to Mui Wo() in Lantau Island. The average water flow is not very affluent. Still, its waterfalls are very luscious after rainfall.

Location 1

Altitude : 60M

Description : He is standing at the starting point of this journey. The entrance of the stream is enclosed by village neighbourhood. You may need some time searching for the entrance. For first 10 min or so, you are surrounded by forest.
Location 2

Altitude : 95M

Description : After a while the stream gets wider and you will see a two-stage cliff. If the water flow is not very fierce, the cliff gives hikers a mild climbing excerise.
Location 3

Altitude : 105M

Description : He is climbing the two-stage cliff.
Location 4

Altitude : 175M

Description : There is a wire-thin waterfall shooting out from rocky wall.
Location 5

Altitude : 265M

Description : It is the highlight of this trip, Double Fall(r). The two sub-waterfalls add up to about 15m in height.
Description : Climbing the Double Fall is easier than it seems. A few minutes later, I am on the top of the Double Fall. Admittedly, one has to exercise extreme caution while scaling up this fall.
Location 6

Altitude : 390M

Description : At about 350m, an exit emerges on the right hand side of the stream. Eventually, you will reach a major hiking trail which brings you back to Mui Wo.
This picture, whose background is Mui Wo, was taken on the hiking trail .