Double Dragon River (sۼ)


24 June 2007


Location 1

Altitude : 40M

Description : If you get it right, you will see these buildings before you get into the stream. Don't try to go straight, it is private property. There is the small concrete path on your right will lead you to the stream.
Location 2

Altitude : 40M

Description : We started from here.
Location 3

Altitude : 40M

Description : This the first big pool we met.
Location 4

Altitude : 45M

Description : The second big pool in different angles.
Location 5

Altitude : 65M

Description : Daisy and Marco are scaling up.
Location 6

Altitude : 260M

Description : This is the middle exist which is on a major hiking trail. Most of the sizable water pools are below the middle exit. You won't find any comparable water pools in the upper stream.
Location 7

Altitude : 355M

Description : Marco
Location 8

Altitude : 410M

Description : She is scaling up a cascade which is only for the experienced. Actually you can by pass the cliff using the footpath on the right of the cliff.
Location 9

Altitude : 415M

Description : This is the highlight of the whole trip s¤ (Sky-Pointing Dragon Tail). In dry seasons, one may attempt the rocky surface on the left of the waterfall. Or it is much recommended to take the faint path on the right of the cliff, it is much much safer.
Descriptioon: After s¤, the stream become less steep and narrower. A typical upper stream situation.
Location 10

Altitude : 525M

Description : Finished, we are leaving the stream.