Tung Ping Chau (東平洲)


1996 1997

NT East

Trip Description

Tung Ping Chau is a very famous outlying island in HK. It is famous for its sunrise scenery, unique rock structure and peaceful environment.
You can trek along the coastline of the island or you can take an easier alternative: there is a clear footpath running along the periphery of the island.

Description : This is the sunrise in Tung Ping Chau(東平洲).

Location 1

Description : This interesting rock structure was found in A Ma Tsui (啊媽咀).

Location 2

Description : These two big rocks are Kang Lau Shek (更樓石).

Location 3

Description : This is the most famous features in Tung Ping Chau, Lan Kwo Shui(難過水). This is basically a small cliff at the shore. If you want to pass this cliff without getting your feet wet, you have to climb across the cliff like what Monk and Patrick were doing in the photos.

Location 4

Description : This is one of the most exiting cliff in Tung Ping Chau. This place is call Tau Am(頭岩).

Location 5

Description : There is a big cliff with large sedmentary rock, Yi Am(二岩).

Location 6

Description : There are two sea caves in Tong Ping Chau. This is one of them, Hoi Lo Tung(海螺穴).

Location 7

Description : This is Cham Keng Chau(斬頸 洲).